Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light Travel: Ever since that killjoy Einstein claimed that light speed was the fastest possible speed, science fiction has featured ways of getting around it, typically by shortening the journey through folding space (Space Warping), or sidestepping into another dimension entirely (Hyperspace).

See <> for a comprehensive classification of FTL travel systems.

For our real-life space agencies to ever manage to get anywhere beyond the Moon, we may require scientists to get to work on a practical FTL drive.

And here was I thinking that the 'T' in 'FTL' stands for 'Than', and not 'Travel'... - NH

It does. -- TA

However, 'Travel' is a noun, and thus merits capitalisation in a header or when being used as part of a proper name. 'Than' isn't. --WJR

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