Fish Fighting

Fish Fighting is fighting with fish (that is, using fish, rather than against fish). OUSFG has done this before; we may yet have to do it again.

Some indeterminate number (which is probably two) of fish fights against CUSFS have taken place in the dim past; Matt Bishop was our champion on two occasions.

Mr Bishop has this to say on the strategy of Fish Fighting:

"Stout waterproofs are a good idea. Also, establish the rules before starting, lest you find yourself effetely holding your fish by its tail while your opponent wraps his fish in his fist and pummels you senseless. Not that I'm bitter. Other than that, you're on your own." -- Matt Bishop

ICSF are trying to organise a three-way contest (OUSFG/ICSF/CUSFS) at Pico Con 21.

ICSF have been slouching towards resurrecting this ancient rite for a while; it was suggested (by Stuart Jenkins?) as far back as 1998: <>. Note that ICSF's Lorna Robinson is not the same as OUSFG's Lorna Robinson.

The correct fish to use is herring.

See also under You Fuckers Will Rue The Day?.

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