Full Names Please

Initials are good, but please - make a page for your full name (well, not your full full name, but forename and surname, at least). After all, you're not called JRH, you're J. Random Hacker. Initials are a shorthand; their overuse makes reading hard.

So, if you create an initials page, may we suggest that you simply write 'See FullName', then follow up on the FullName link to create a real name page. Oh, and add a link to CategoryWikizen so that it is apparent that you are a wikizen, not an author or something! Although of course if you are also an author, you should add CategoryAuthor as well (and if, by some freak accident of set theory, you are also a category, you should link to CategoryCategory, etc).

Thanks. And welcome aboard, matey. Arr.

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