Idiot of Mass Destruction.

George W(alker) Bush, President of the United States of America, no. 43. Not to be confounded with his father George H. W. Bush, President no. 41.

Although the differences are primarily superficial. Hmm... has anyone seen them together? "Ultraviolet" had the whole 'grandfather impersonates dead grandson to carry on evil work'- perhaps Mr Bush is similarly inclined, but accidentally lost some brain cells during the cerebral transplant? -- WJR

They have actually been seen together as far as I can recall, but since it was in matching Barbour jackets (marked '41' and '43') there's no stopping them being two temporally displaced iterations of the same being except for the Blinovitch Limitation Effect... --TL

Well, Bush the Elder would reject it, "No way is some Ruskie physicist gonna tell the President of the US what to do!" whilst the younger self wouldn't be able to spell it. Does ignorance of the laws of physics allow you to break them? Only if your writer is Douglas Adams. The question is... since Mr Adams has now gone to that great pub in the sky, is he writing our scripts? Gulp. -- WJR.

Latest GWBmisunderstanderising of the English language:
"When Iraq is liberated, you will be treated, tried and persecuted as a war criminal."

Well, plaudits for not saying "liberatified" or some such, but... when one is trying to present oneself as a noble force for justice and liberty, threatening to prosecute people is maybe a little more acceptable than threatening to persecute them. On the other hand, this is Dubya "Catch all the nasty war criminals, yeah... but we can't have an International Criminal Court because it might charge Americans." Maybe he didn't trip over his words this time. Maybe he just is being vindictive. Of course, I've not ruled out both. -- WJR

The real question of identity is surely this: Bush or chimp? See <> for details. Has been commented upon by Steve Bell's cartoons, but these are incredible... oh, and also, <> Be a virtual speechwriter for Mr G courtesy of <>! Laugh while you can, it's all very funny until Bushy gets confused trying to read the speech he's been e-mailed and reads the one you made up for him instead -- WJR :)

Some saner commentary on what motivates Mr G: <,6903,882131,00.html>

That's actually disturbing... somehow, the idea that Bush has a brain and knows and likes what he's doing to the world is even more frightening than the image of him as a moron. -- WJR

See also <> (which is the same as the copy at <lj:tabbyfoo/203477> isn't it?). Yet more frightening, IMNERHO - he actually is genuinely deranged. Great.

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