Games Workshop Sharecrop

Games Workshop publish a bunch of Share Crop novels set in their retro-techno-gothic Warhammer 40K universe. Very early on, these were written by the Games Workshop people themselves, but at some point, David Pringle took over as editor of the line, and attracted respectable SF writers into the twisted perversion of sharecropping (sometimes under a pseudonym). However, this led to an alarming number of really quite alright novels, so Games Workshop overthrew Pringle and now just commission crap from talentless slave-drones.

If you notice such a thing, you might like to make a note of it on the page about that author, and tag it as Games Workshop Sharecrop; then, a backlinks search from this page will reveal the miscreants. If the author doesn't have a page here, and you can't be arsed to write one, at least jot it down here.

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