Geoff Ryman

A slightly wizened Canadian/British writer of excellent SF/Alt Fic sort of stuff. Used to work for British Telecom; now works for Her Majesty's Government in the Office of the e-Envoy.

His The Child Garden was voted one of OUSFG's favourite books last year, just in time for the author meeting in which he read from his work in progress ('VAO.'). Lucky us. He is also the only OUSFG visitor so far to have been satisfied with being taken to Mc Donalds for dinner, therefore making him SF's cheapest date (so to speak). He is famed for his book Two Five Three.

Books published, on the five-star rating system:

Geoff Ryman is currently writing a mainstream novel set in Cambodia, the location for his earlier award-winning fantasy The Unconquered Country. He is one of those authors who tends to be filed in the mainstream section of bookshops anyhow, due to the lack of lurid robots on his front covers.

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