Google Whack

A Google Whack is a word or meme that has only a few (preferably only one) Google entry.


From my point of view, <google:saraquazel> isn't bad. --TL Nor yet is <google:wjramsden> -- WJR :)

You can use things like this as a sort of permanent URL; if you ensure that your homepage always has some particular unusual combination of words, then it can easily be found by googling for those words, even if the URL changes. For example <google:tom-anderson+spumante>. However, take care - writing the query down may well get Google to think that the page with the query on it is the target, as it contains the right words; therefore, URL Escape some of the terms, as in <google:%74om-%61nderson+%73pumante>.

Now famous, sort of, thanks to Dave Gormans Google Whack Adventure.

This page is, or will soon be, a Google Whack for:

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