Great Twic I Rewrite

I am currently (24/04/2003) planning to completely rewrite Twic I from the ground up. The new version will be better structured, less buggy and better-featured. This will not happen soon; when it does happen, many of the features we've been waiting for will arrive at once.

Why am i doing a complete rewrite rather than doing it incrementally? Because the new version of Twic I will be written in the Python Language, not the Perl Language. Why? Because perl is a hopeless abomination which is pure torture to use, whereas python is so wonderful it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I originally chose the Perl Language because it was the only language i knew which was supported on urchin; i have now (mostly) learned python, so this is no longer a reason (indeed, given that python is now very widely supported, there is, IMNERHO, absolutely no excuse for perl to continue to exist). The python version will do more and do it better.

I don't have a timetable for this. I'm still getting comfortable with the Python Language, but this is a very fast process. I am (slowly) working on a sort of RSS aggregator (happily called ARSS) written in the Python Language, which is both a practice project and a bridge of sorts to the Live Journallers among us; once that is done, i will turn to the Great Twic I Rewrite. The actual rewrite should be fairly quick - most of the difficultly lies in the design work, which has already mostly been done with the original Twic I.

In the mean time, i will continue to fix bugs where i can, but i won't work on new features.

-- Tom Anderson

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