Historical Clangers

Not things that whistle, but anachronisms, misdatings and other oopses.

From BBC News Online, 17/02/2004:

"What makes the discovery that Henry VIII had his own football boots even more intriguing is that the burly royal with the glamorous wives had himself banned the game in 1548, on the grounds that they incited riots." (Henry VIII died in 1547. Either the law was passed by Edward VI or someone goofed the date.)

From several of today's papers, including the Washington Post, 25/02/2004:

The Romans in Mel Gibson's film/mystery play 'The Passion of Christ' speak Latin. They should speak Greek, as was common in the Middle East at the time. Some have argued that's not the only way the film meddles with historical fact, either... but I'll leave that to the experts.

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