Imperial College Union Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror society.

They have an actual proper place for their library. Late 1999 to mid 2001, they went through an unpleasant portacabin experience (WTF? OUSFG dreams of having a portacabin) but now have a newly renovated, permanent room for their 4300 books (and 700-odd other donations)

There is a comprehensive history of their library (with pretty line-graph and everything) hyar : http://union.ic.ac.uk/scc/icsf/library/library_history/index.html

They also have a webcam in it: <http://union.ic.ac.uk/scc/icsf/webcam.html>. This is surely just taking the piss.

Rumour has it that they have sugar toruses. They just have to go and better OUSFG in every respect, don't they.

Not to be confused with the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (<http://www.icsf.net/jsp/index.jsp>).

See also : The Ten Tasks Of OUSFG (acquiring Number 24 Marston Street).

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