Ink Lings

Oxford Writers' Circle of the nineteen-thirties, composed chiefly of CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Charles Williams.

There were a whole bunch of other people in the Inklings. See any of the multiple Inlings resources out there (e.g. this one :

Since CS Lewis was our senior member, and Brian Aldiss' intention to become an SF writer was apparently spurred on by Lewis showing one of his early works (Hothouse) to Tolkien and receiving a favourable review, OUSFG could conceivably regard itself as the nephew of the Ink Lings or something. If it wanted to.

They met in the Eagle And Child.

The Imperial Google reveals that there is currently a writers' group in Merseyside also calling itself the Inklings, presumably in honour of the above. -- WJR

Also, sent up in a recent novel as the 'Smudgelings', quite a cute name in itself. --TL

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