Inter Zone

Respected British SF and fantasy short fiction magazine, published monthly. Training ground for many of the most prominent British SF authors of the last fifteen years or so, including Stephen Baxter, Paul Mc Auley and Alastair Reynolds. Traditionally is targeted more at the 'literary' end of the SF market than other magazines (although it's not as literary as (say) The Third Alternative).

Namechecked by Primal Scream in their song 'Exterminator' (third verse):

Control virus, hallucininatory programmes
Septicaemic interzone, psychic distortions
Satellite sickness, tv junk

Although as the term 'interzone' comes from William S Burroughs one would imagine they're more showing the influence of the Beat Movement on their song-writing than that of a Brighton-based medium-press SF magazine; although the description they give may suggest otherwise.

Has Inter Zone now ceased to exist? I don't think I've received any copies since Christmas 2003, and I'm fully paid up on my subscriptions. --MF

Category Magazine

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