JK Rowling

A current British fantasy author. By 'fantasy', we mean the Harry Potter books, these being her only output so far.

Real first name Joanne. Or so we're told. Married a Potter lookalike, according to the tabloids.

JK Rowling must be a bit insane if she expects that even the most dedicated Harry Potterites will be prepared to read or buy a quarter of a million words (of her latest book) all at once - this really is the era of the epic: <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/arts/2661409.stm>.

...but probably not the epic of the era, sadly. Great Scott, Goblet of Fire was already long, even forgetting that it was supposed to be a children's book. Perhaps she's been infected by the 'who can make their film longest' race going on between Warner and New Line in the Harry Potter films and The Lord Of The Rings...? (Cinema Economy Class Flight Syndrome) -- WJR

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