Luke Ross -

I live in Oxford and eat out too much.

I sign things with square brackets (eg. [LR]) just to be different. And because it's fewer characters than "-- LR"

DS says I can edit here :-)

And he's right.

Also, something's busted with the SSL certificate at; it's expired, for a start, and it may also be wrong in some other way. My browser doesn't want to talk about it, so i can't be too precise.

Yes, it's expired and issued by me (ie. not a known CA?). When I first made it, a technical cockup resulted in me creating one for one month and not one year, and eventually I'll swap it for a new one. Though still not a paid-for one. Both IE? and Mozilla let you use it if you press Yes enough.

Full Names Please!

After all, you're not called JRH?, you're J. Random Hacker. Initials are a shorthand

Hmmmm regarding full names, at work here DS is just called by his initials. We've trained him to respond to 'dws' :-) Luke Ross is there though, and I'll move everything around later.

Fair point! I suppose in hackerdom there is a long tradition of calling people by their initials - ESR, RMS, etc.

I go by my (lowercase) initials and it is very weird to have to uppercase them here in wikiworld--SDN

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