Les Visiteurs

"Ils ne sont pas nes d'hier!"

French time-travel comedy starring Jean Reno and Christian Clavier - the latter currently slated to play Napoleon Bonaparte, and also Valerie Lemercier and Marie Anne Chazel. Probably one of few films to show a French postal van being attacked by a knight in armour. Should be shown by OUSFG poste haste. I'll leave it to TL to add further comment.

Imagine, if you will, Blackadder and Baldrick, speaking the language of Chaucer, being thrown through time by a potion concocted by a senile wizard, landing in the twentieth century. Then, add in a twentieth-century comedy-of-manners as a bunch of suburbanites try to cope with these weirdos, not knowing that they come from "tres tres loin". Now imagine the funniness factor magnified by a factor of I know not what. Ignore the fact that it's in French (it's subtitled, and French humour is a vast improvement on its American counterpart): this is a hilarious film, featuring some fairly plausible temporal-spatial paradoxes with unexpected consequences... --TL

Category SF Movie

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