Library Suggestions

There are a number of things, as a resonsible, caring member of OUSFG, that one can do to ease the wholly unpleasant task of the OUSFG Librarian.

Donating books is always a good thing. Even if it's an absolutely abysmal member of its literary field, it might be physically smaller than the copy we already have. If it's awful enough, we may keep it. If we already have it, or it's supremely mediocre, it may be auctioned or possibly donated to either a William Burroughs Cut Up Workshop or the Oxfam Bookshop.

We're also on the lookout for decent stacking boxes. These are the sorts of things that are used to hold vegetables and fruits before being placed on supermarket shelves. Tesco, on Cowley Road, is a decent supplier of such items. Some boxes have strength built in at the expense of convenient book-stacking (large rectangular corners, cardboard flaps that obscure the book spines twoards the ends of the box) - please avoid these if you can (though it's better than nothing).

Oversized Books

Listed here are books that we'd really like to replace for having an unacceptably low quality:volume ratio. We'd love donations of the following books in small paperback. Proof that less is more?

Really Good Books

List any suggestions of good books for the library here. Don't worry about listing books we might already have; once we've got an online index, someone will remove those.

I am a publisher and thus am happy to donate to the cause, but what would you like? -- SDN Anything nice and new, I reckon --TL OK, go to <> and let me know what appeals and give me an address!

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