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Some Live Journals of particular relation to OUSFG include:

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Live Journal is inferior to Blogger, which has archiving, permanent linking, no catches and endearing idiosyncrasies:


Live Journal, however, is open source (which does go with the web culture of making things free and easy). You don't tend to know much about blogging tools you don't use, so I can't comment on Blogger, but Live Journal cartainly has its own share of endearing idiosyncrasies, archiving, permenant linking, and certainly works very nicely for me. OUSFG members who want an introduction code should go to paid members lj:tinyjo or lj:cleanskies (or lj:elleblue -LP) -- lj:tinyjo is also one of Live Journal's many developers. [JD (lj:cleanskies)]_

Also, unless I am mistaken, Blogger doesn't have anything like the 'Friends page' feature of Live Journal. Your Friends page gathers together entries from journals listed as your friends and handily places them in chronological order. It's just...nifty. -- NH

Splendid. However, if it's endearing idiosyncracies you want, Wiki is your weapon of choice!

Is there etiquette concerning the linking of real names to Live Journal usernames? I mean, if i were to say "On Steve's journal (<lj:fiawol>) ...", would that be considered a breach of privacy? Does inclusion in the list above come close to revealing Meat Space identity and thus constitute a similar, if weaker, breach?

I would personally prefer to keep my IRL and URL IDs separate. However, I am unable to completely resolve the contradiction of wishing any and all people to have access to my Live Journal stuff without allowing, say, potential employers to find out what I'm like. As such, I'm pleased that elmentary Googling for me does not reveal my LJ existence, and would prefer to keep things that way. Still, in the end, I put the damn thing up on The Internet, for fuck's sake, and therefore should not be surprised if people read it... With respect to weak breaches such as the above list, I figure that if anyone knows enough about me to figure out who I am from indirect clues such as this, it's probably too late to keep them ignorant of my True Nature?

Live Journal have introduced S2 Styles for the design of Live Journals.

Live Journal now no longer requires invite codes - you can just create accounts willy nilly if you want :) Codes were only ever there to manage growth while we figured out a way to allow the servers to cope with >1.5mil users and now that Brad reckons we can cope, LJ is free and easy once more.

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