Lo Go

Logo is a very simple programming language, devised by Seymour Papert as a teaching tool for young children. Logo is most familiar as the language used to control a turtle trundling round a classroom floor, but it is in fact a fully general-purpose language, with variables and subroutines. Eric Raymond refers to Lo Go as "stealth LISP".


Lo Go might be the language with which to create Wiki Diagrams; it's simple to use, powerful enough for the jobs we want done, would be easy(ish) to write an interpreter for, and has hardcore old-school associations.

Indeedy. How many people here actually had a go with those really cute green plastic turtle-shaped robots which could be used to draw Logo designs on huge pieces of paper? --TL

Oh yes... we had one permanently set out on a huge table. It probably taught more than half of us how to use a computer. I'd vote for it! (As a Wiki tool, obviously... although it might make a decent MP as well.) -- WJR

I've seen those sort of dodecahedral transparent green plastic ones. They're pretty cool. My school only had the one that looked like an upturned salad bowl, though. -- TA

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