Lorna Robinson

Lorna became connected with OUSFG when she stumbled into the LMH room of Neil Parkinson in her finals year one morning (which she did on a daily basis) and discovered Archie Maskill curled up asleep on the floor in a blue sleeping bag. Less than a year later, right in the middle of the evil that is Classics Finals? at Oxford, Alex and Archie burst in dressed as terrorists and demanded that she live with them in Number 48 Cranham Street. She said "yeah, okay then."

Lorna has recently finished a Ph D in Classics at UCL, studying magical realism in Ovid's Metamorphoses in conjunction with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years Of Solitude; she has been studying how and why magical themes are used to express politically subversive perspectives.

She has been employed as a part-time tutor at University College, Oxford, teaching Latin poetry, and more recently, a teacher of Classics at a school in Hampton, which is in the outer reaches of London, right next to Hounslow - for those who care about such things (just Lorna, then) Hounslow is mentioned in a Suede song.

Her other interests include Amnesty International, writing books, reading - especially Margaret Atwood and Virgil, playing the guitar (which has been twice damaged by falling gin bottles) and music - especially Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen.

Long term goals involve publishing her recently finished (and many times rewritten) novel and spending at least a year living up in a light-house. Currently the latter is proving more achievable, given that no one is allowed to read her book anyway.

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