Magdalen College

Oxford College. Distinguishing features include StMarys Tower, which is plainly capable of Interstellar Flight, a deer park which some say extends (via dimensional projection) to the dark side of the moon, cloisters which were used extensively during the filming of the Harry Potter films, and ownership of Niall Harrison's soul.

This College also borders on the River Cherwell. It's amazing the deer are still alive. A number of video meetings were held in Magdalen JCR during the academic year 1999-2000, a JCR Video Room which boasted a large number of armchairs (which OUSFG sat upon), a pool table (with which OUSFG played, and possibly sat upon), and a JCR shop downstairs (which OUSFG bought things from, although as non-members OUSFG probably shouldn't).

Located on High Street, just before it becomes The Plain, and also Longwall Street (Magdalen's is, presumably, the Long Wall).

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