Marcus Wigan

Dr. Marcus "Marc" Ramsay Wigan (Hertford College 1960-63;1965-67) is one of The First Ones - a revered founding member of OUSFG with Chris Miller of Ch Ch. It was his idea to use the term speculative, to avoid putting off either fantasy or science-fiction fans (Brian Aldiss found the term a little "weedy", but he's just being bitchy because of the whole cat thing).


Currently lives in Australia, but spends enough time in Scotland that he's often passing through Oxford.

He estimated that the BSFA would last longer than OUSFG. Consequently, and quite sadly, he donated an unbroken 22 year run of Astounding from the early 1940's to the BSFA. Oh, ye of little faith. :(

He has a D.Phil from the Nuclear Physics Department.

He has a website : <>, <>

He has written about Speculative Fiction :, where he (unsuccessfully) tried to get some controversy going at the Aussie World Con by arguing that Hugo Gernsbacks' Ralph 124c41+ was the 'first modern science fiction'...

He is also :

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