Mary Gentle

GOH at 2003's Easter Con

(...Or at least she would have been if she hadn't cried off to do the copy-edits for 1610: A Sundial In A Grave)

Blade-wrangler, pig-breeder, author of:

"A Hawk in Silver", an early fantasy novel

"Golden Witchbreed" and "Ancient Light", about the world of Orthe, long fallen from a technologically superior Empire.

"Scholars and Soldiers", a collection of short stories, including two about the world of Valentine White Crow, who also features in the novels "Rats and Gargoyles", "The Architecture of Desire" & "Left to His Own Devices".
"Grunts", an Orc-POV fantasy novel.
"ASH: A Secret History" available in the U.S. in 4 comfortable pocket books, but only one hefty tome in the U.K. This book seems to be predicated on John Crowley's A Egyptian premise "history hungers for the shape of myth".

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