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Maths Wiki is a wiki for maths and mathematicians. Very very young and very very empty. Not up at all hours.

Note: this page, and the wiki it is on, are not Maths Wiki! Rather, Maths Wiki is at the other end of the following link.

It was built by ARC, but he decided that it was not in the Wiki Nature to call it Chicki Wiki (shame!).

Cunningly, the Maths Wiki engine exploits TeX for its markup language. TeX is already well-established, has well-developed facilities for expressing mathematical formulae, and is supported by a variety of free software. It is, however, rather less user-friendly than Twic I's Wiki Text, at least for non-mathmo values of 'user'.

Exactly how does Maths Wiki's markup relate to TeX? What is added? Is the TeX bit inside any kind of 'box', ie do you have to inscribe some incantation to get into TeX mode, or is it just TeX from the word go? The flow chart looks like this: Source -> Wiki Names changed to TeX-escaped links -> Result fed through TtH to get a chunk of HTML -> Title and footer added -> Output. So the answer is you can use TeX anywhere you like. This is probably a very good fit to the needs of mathematicians.

Suggested alternatives to ARC's own software are T Wiki? (which runs under Apache HTTPD?) and Z Wiki? (which runs on top of the Z Object Publishing Environment?).

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