Max More

Max More is an inactive member of OUSFG. He did PPE? and went by another name during this time.

He originally went by the name Max O Connor. He founded the Church Of Max? (ask Tim Adye, Mark Boyes and Neal Tringham? for details of this).

Invented a cocktail called the Red Russian (1/4 glass cherry brandy, 1/4 glass vodka, 1/2 glass lemonade), according to OUSFG Cocktails? <>

Max was present when someone was decapitated (we're assured post-death) for the purposes of cryogenic suspension, but was not involved in the ensuing police car-chase.

This incident was related to me to inspire bewilderment and dread in the OUSFGishness of OUSFG in Autumn 1998, by, I believe, one 'Alex Williams'. However, for a long time, indeed until Duncan himself disabused me of the notion, I was under the impression that Duncan Martin had been the OUSF Gi involved. Since No OUSFG Member Has Ever Died, I assume the head was not formerly the property of an OUSF Gus. -- WJR

To be tidied up!

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