Mc Sweenys Mammoth Treasury Of Thrilling Tales

An anthology edited by Michael Chabon, and eligible for the 2003-4 OUSFG Award.

"Mc Sweeney?'s Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales, guest-edited by Michael Chabon, will take you to places you never knew existed, send delicious shivers down your spine, and have your heart pounding healthily in your chest. The ghost story, the horror story, the detective story; stories of suspense, terror, fantasy and the plain macabre - all can be found gracing the pages within. Such celebrated writers as Neil Gaiman, Rick Moody, Nick Hornby, Stephen King, Elmore Leonard, Harlan Ellison and Glen David Gold, amongst others, have all put pen to paper in celebration of the art of genre.

A number of the stories (including the Rick Moody, which I wrote about here: <> and, bizarrely enough, the Nick Hornby) are pretty damn good. One of the best anthologies of the year. -- NH

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