Meta Library

The Meta Library isn't actually a library, but a list of everyone's collections of SF or Spec Fi or Alt Fic books, which may or may not be borrowable from them, if you ask nicely.

This project predates the San Francisco Distributed Library Project.

If you've ever read Neil Gaiman 's 'Never Where ', this is the book equivalent of the 'associative hallway'. -- TL

I've listed 'everything that might concievably be of interest to OUSFG members, which inevitably includes some non-SF. So there. -- NH

If you have a personal library which you're willing to share, bung it in the list, with whatever description you fancy:

Just a crazy thought whilst inter-linking various of my books that I can see from here - we should crazily link up our libraries in some mad-meta way (just discovered the wiki this eve!!) --AG

Exactly what kind of mad meta way did you have in mind?

At a guess, the '...can be found in [this person's library]' she's been using on specific book and author pages. -- NH

Aha. Evidently, she has/had not yet realised that wiki supplies carzy mad meta linking as standard.

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