Michael Marshall Smith

A British SF writer, who has produced a handful of excellent novels and a slightly larger handful of excellent short stories. He has visited OUSFG several times, and said lots of interesting things.

Goes by the name of Michael Marshall when writing in the thriller horror genre.

Project: Clone MMS appears not to have got anywhere since Alx Williams scooped up MMS' cigarette butt from Oxford Railway Station platform in 1999 for gene sampling, scaring the very scary author in the process.

It should be noted that the pound coin the same Alx obtained from MMS could also be used for genetic purposes, however we might end up creating clones of Alx instead! Does anyone know what happened to the cup that he drank out of? --DM

Note: It is of course possible that the cloning project is proceeding entirely on schedule, but that Tom Anderson, on behalf of SPAHWG, has ordered an information blackout. What's that group of identical authors doing outside my window with a phased plasma rifle? --WJR

Books rated on a Five Point Scale:

OK, I've just bought One of Us and What You Make It because of you guys --SDN Excellent! Get Only Forward as well if you can, it rocks --TL

See also : MMSCCG

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