Michael Moorcock

Prolific (what conveys more than prolific?) SF writer, also once editor of New Worlds.

Famous, in OUSFG, as part of the much-suggested but never-attempted (in my lifetime) Fresher's Fair banner 'OUSFG Brings You Moorcock and Dick Than Any Other Society'. -- MF Bad grammar. On the other hand 'Only OUSFG Provides Dick and Moorcock' works.

An argument can be made that the Eternal Champion? saga is in fact 3 books repeated several times over. I don't hold to that, though there are intentionally many similarities.

Jerry Cornelius is another of his creations - an anti-James Bond. The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius is far easier to read than An English Assassin or The Condition of Muzac, so I suggest you read that first. -- DM

Isn't Harry Palmer? the anti-Bond?

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