Neil Gaiman

UK author of adult and children's Fantasy Fiction, as well as comic scripts, which is a sad reduction of the reality. Now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Always wears black black and more black, featuring leather jacket and sunglasses. His surname is pronounced GAY-m'n.

Neil's Web Log is also available on Live Journal as an RSS feed: <lj:neilgaiman>, the minimalist equivalent from someone who appears to have nothing to say...

Those Li'l Endless in the picture are a cutesy interpretation.

They're pretty famous, The Endless, being the mainstays of The Sandman, Gaiman's famous comic sequence. The start of the sequence is in the OUSFG Library, but may not be on the shelves at present. We start with Dream, and gradually find out about the ones who aren't The Sandman.

Gaiman has written many other stories, as behooves a Writer, but Sandman is comics, and therefore good. OK, so American Gods and Coraline have their merits, as do many of the short stories.

But Sandman is in stock. Ask Tanaqui for access to Coraline .

Gaiman is also the writer of Douglas Adams' biography, Dont Panic. (Apostrophe eliminated for Wikinamisation)

Neil Gaiman will be doing a talk/signing in the Oxford branch of 'Borders' in November. No definite date confirmed yet, apparently.

Has brought out a new novel, 'Endless Nights', with some of the best comics artists on Earth, and was giving a talk on Sept 20th in NY. TL wasn't there. Bother. I didn't go either.--SDN

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