Not Yet TM

Fandom (in the form of Harry Payne) is trying to trademark 'Easter Con', in order to protect the name from abuse. There hasn't been any abuse so far, or real threat of it, but The Fandom Dot Com Affair has got some people worried.

From The Ansible (#190):

"Harry Payne, after discussion at Seacon 03, is registering `Eastercon' as a trademark to protect it from outfits like the late"

Note that Sea Con is what Easter Con was called in 1984 and 2003 (and elsewhen?).

From The Ansible (#191):

"Harry Payne is still busy registering `Eastercon' as a trademark. The UK TM Registry has accepted the application and will publish it on 13 June. `There is a three-month period for anyone to raise an objection (this is not a hint) after which the trademark becomes mine, all mine, bwa ha ha -- er, sorry about that.'"

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