The OUSFG Streampunk Dragon

Per Dementia ad Astra

OUSFG was and will be the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group. At the moment it's just OUSFG.

OUSFG is perhaps best summed up by a definition given in an ancient termcard (<http://www-pnp.physics.ox.ac.uk/SF/misc/newsletter-93mt1.html>): "Fan: a deranged alcoholic who uses SF as an excuse to meet other members of fandom in bars all over the country and have really bizarre conversations.". Reduce the garishly twentieth-century emphasis on booze, and that's us.


OUSFG is an acronym, because it is pronouncable. It is it is it is! OUSFG is pronounced "OOS-fug", unless you're David Langford, in which case you spell it out letter by letter, and are deaf, and blow up ducks. And, it turns out, hoovers wasps. China Mieville found it most amusing that we kept saying it "as though it was some kind of word."

For those who readily understand the international phonetic alphabet:

Phonetic Spelling Of OUSFG


OUSFG's organisation is governed by the interplay of random action and the OUSFG Constitution. The society is ruled with an iron fist by the OUSFG Committee.

Online Presence

OUSFG has:


In term, OUSFG does stuff. Feel free to make Term Card Suggestions.

Out of term, OUSFG metamorphoses into a group of Science Fiction Bums.

We can look to the OUSFG Calendar for a general idea of how the year turns.

OUSFG occasionally subdues other SF societies by Fish Fighting.

OUSFG is considering instituting an OUSFG Award.

The Library

One of OUSFG's greatest (and largest) assets is the OUSFG Library. It is supplemented by the Meta Library.


http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/People/mbishop/silly.html (silly games list) Partially archived on OUSFG Game Index, here on our Wiki.

There is an idea that some of these documents should move here, or to one of our proper websites.

The Galactic Guide on OUSFG: <http://www.galactic-guide.com/articles/2R66.html>.

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