The OUSFG Award is given for the best Speculative Fiction book receiving its first mass-market (A or B format) paperback publication in the UK between October 1st of a year and September 30th of the following year.


A list of winners can be found at OUSFG Award Winners.


The intent is to stimulate discussion and reading of current SF.


The explanations for the criteria are along these lines (see OUSFG Award Origins for further details):


The winner is determined in three OUSFG meetings over the course of the academic year, followed by a society-wide vote

Michaelmas TermMeeting to discuss OUSFG Award Candidates (i.e. the longlist)
Hilary TermMeeting to vote on OUSFG Award Shortlists
Early Trinity TermMeeting with panel discussion and Balloon Debate? about the shortlist
Late Trinity TermVotes gathered from the entire society to determine OUSFG Award Winners


The winning author is to be sent a copy of the winning book, signed by the OUSFG Committee. A letter of explanation may or may not be enclosed.

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