OUSFG Award Origins

This is the historical discussion which lead to the establishment of the OUSFG Award.

The idea of an OUSFG Award has been mooted, as a way to stimulate discussion and reading of current sf. And possibly to encourage more freshers to join.






I'd just suggest that having the very first meeting of Michaelmas term being the discussion of an on-going annual project may not encourage freshers to join but may instead seem rather intimidating. --MF

"On the other hand, they can immediately nominate their favourite books to go on the shortlist, (the longlist is going to be very long, basically consisting of 'everything'; its main use is meant to be to put ideas in peoples' heads), and you can have a (hopefully) dynamic and relevant discussion about that nominations process, instead.
"I favour the October-October schedule, at least to start with, because I favour a small-scale, OUSFG-only award, at least to start with. I'm throwing the July-July out there as another option mostly because it has the big advantage of being able to tie the schedule in with Pico Con.
"(The disadvantage of the October-October schedule is that it does run the risk of clashing with peoples' exams. With a July-July schedule, that's not an issue - all the reading and voting is out of the way by february.)"

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