OUSFG Banquet

Formal Dinner held (usually) at the end of Hilary Term for OUSF Gi, in recent years in Balliol College hall, although St Hildas College Lady Brodie Room has been used in the past. The only event from which OUSFG actually hopes to make money.

This, the Christmas Party in Michaelmas Term, and the Punt Party in Trinity Term, are the society's three 'big events', those events at which the Elders generally arise from their long sleep and attend.

The Past Banquet Party is normally moderately inebriated.

In 2003, due to the unusual alignments of the planets and the vagaries of the hermetic calendar, whilst the official OUSFG Banquet was held in hilary, the actual OUSFG Banquet was held in trinity; furthermore, there is a plan to hold a third, bonus, banquet later in trinity (going by the name Post Banquet Banquet).

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