OUSFG Calendar

This is a record of various notable dates of relevance to OUSFG. It is not a termcard; these events are constant from year to year (for some value of 'constant').

19 SeptemberInternational Talk Like A Pirate Day <http://www.yarr.org.uk/>
Sat. 0th WeekFreshers Drinks
~13 OctoberStart of Michaelmas Term
Late Michaelmas TermThe Christmas Party
~7 DecemberEnd of Michaelmas Term
~19 JanuaryStart of Hilary Term
Second thursday in FebruaryExtra-terrestrial culture day (<http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2841455.stm>)
Late Hilary TermThe OUSFG Banquet
~15 MarchEnd of Hilary Term
~27 AprilStart of Trinity Term
Late Trinity TermThe Punt Party
~21 JuneEnd of Trinity Term

Category Oxford Chronology

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