OUSFG Committee

A body of (often reluctant) individuals, to whom the task of ruling OUSFG with an iron fist is bestowed.

There are a few posts that must be filled each year for OUSFG to be able to continue as a university society. The people who fill these posts must satisfy the status of in statu pupillarae (see the Lorna Amnesty Incident). These are OUSFG President, OUSFG Treasurer and OUSFG Secretary, and their roles are to preside, treasure and secrete, respectively.

Other committee posts, though not vital for societal status, can be just as important when it comes to the smooth running of OUSFG. These include :

Present Committee

OUSFG PresidentAngharad Green
OUSFG TreasurerLyndsey Pickup (with Mike Froggatt, her spindly minion).
OUSFG SecretaryMark Hunter?
OUSFG LibrarianArchie Maskill, Ian Snell. Mike Froggatt
Speaker To AnimalsArchie Maskill
OUSFG Video RepLaura Dawes
Ghost In The MachineTim Adye
Dead Hand Of The PastDuncan Martin

Past Committees

2003 - 2004Angharad GreenMark Hunter?Lyndsey PickupArchie, Ian Snell, Mike Froggatt
2002 - 2003Mike FroggattAngharad GreenLyndsey PickupAlex Cameron, Alex N Archie?
2001 - 2002Niall HarrisonGeneva MelzackTom AndersonLyndsey Pickup
2000 - 2001Ruth O ReillyGeneva MelzackTom AndersonNiall Harrison
1999 - 2000Jo CharmanRuth O ReillyTom AndersonMike Froggatt, David Sheldon
1998 - 1999Alx WilliamsJo CharmanIan SnellAlx Williams & Niall Harrison
1997 - 1998Duncan MartinEleanor JoslinIan SnellEleanor Joslin
1996 - 1997Rhiannon LassiterMatt MarcusIan SnellDuncan Martin
1995 - 1996Peter Sidwell??Peter Sidwell
1994 - 1995Frances Hardinge? & Alex Ralph??Sarah Blake
1993 - 1994Mark Charsley???

I suspect that Vicky Seaman was a core comittee person in Peter's day. The other one was a totally random bloke who came to 1 meeting a year! The name escapes me. Anyone have a better recollection? -- DM

An RPG Soc chap I think. Ralph somebody? --AW

I vaguely remember the guy being totally un-memorable (which might explain why I can't remember him). I think he was just a member of Queens who Peter knew and had co-opted so that we had in statu pupilari. But I've no real idea. Maybe he was actually some kind of conspirator and was hiding in plain sight?

He was probably an undercover agent for the CIA. Or al-quaeda. Or both. Or a present day society member sent back from the future by Tim in a fiendish attempt to alter history. That's it, that's where Mike's been all this year, not Russia, but in OUSFG's past! -- WJR

I think maybe you're thinking of Matt Hunt, the Magdalen chap who was going to be President until I interfered. Not as tall, wore glasses, dark hair. I think he'll join the society in 2007 and get sent back to the early 90s in a bizarre goldfish-juggling accident. Don't try to stop it, it already happened.... -- PS

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