OUSFG Librarian

Keeper of the OUSFG Library, OUSFG's repository of all knowledge. Apart from that concerning OUSFG, obviously.

Usually a very hassled soul who will (perhaps) foist cups of tea on you at every opportunity. :) That is, providing there's the right kind of tea, and enough mugs to go round. Though which receptacles that hold the tea are mugs should be left deliberately ambiguous!

Past Librarians

(god-damn heroes, the lot of 'em)

2003 - 2004Mike Froggatt, Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
2002 - 2003Alex Cameron, Alx N Archie
2001 - 2002Lyndsey Pickup
2000 - 2001Niall Harrison
1999 - 2000Mike Froggatt and David Sheldon
1998 - 1999Alx Williams and Niall Harrison
1997 - 1998Duncan Martin and then Alx Williams for HT and TT
1996 - 1997Duncan Martin
???? - 1996Peter Sidwell
1988 - 1989Adrian Cox
1987 - 1988Paul Cray?
1986 - 1987Ivan Towlson?
1985 - 1986Max O Connor

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