OUSFG Live Journal Community

OUSFG has a Live Journal community.

If you don't know about Live Journal, just ignore this. Trust me, it's best not to get sucked in.

Speaking as a Live Journaller, I think the OUSFG Live Journal Community sucks as a tool for intrasociety communications. It's practically impossible to keep track of updates to conversational threads that aren't current. In this respect, OUSFG Chat successfully kicks OUSFG Live Journal Community square in the nuts. --AM

Agreed. Even if everyone had a livejournal account and had the 'email alert' option set to 'yes', they'd still have to post to a discussion to be able to track it.

On the other hand, I think it could be a useful place for announcements, particularly since it's probably easier to glance at for non-members than a mailing list. A link from ousfg.net probably wouldn't be a bad idea. -- NH

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