OUSFG President

The President of OUSFG is nominally responsible for the society, and chairs committee meetings. Theoretically they probably chair ordinary meetings as well. The President possesses a certain amount of Executive power, and is probably the nicest committee post, involving as it does the maximum amount of prestige relative to the minimum amount of work.

Have you tried chairing committee meetings? I wouldn't describe it as the minimum amount of work!

Compared to the amount the Secretary and Treasurer have to do, it's definitely the minimum. This is not to say that it's always a small amount in absolute terms.

It is also the president's job to organise the banquet I believe. Unless you are wrangling with Balliol College's bursary, which is not the minimum amount of work, or dosh, either.

Past Presidents

2003 - 2004Angharad Green
2002 - 2003Mike Froggatt
2001 - 2002Niall Harrison
2000 - 2001Ruth O Reilly
1999 - 2000Jo Charman
1998 - 1999Alx Williams
1997 - 1998Duncan Martin
1996 - 1997Rhiannon Lassiter
???? - 1996Peter Sidwell
???? - ????Alex Ralph
???? - ????Mark Charsley
???? - ????Penny Heal and/or Jason Stevens?

Many other past presidents are still vaguely connected to the society. Ex presidents include: Mark Charsley, Penny and Jason? another Alex? I'm sure with a bit of effort we can work this out back to the mid 80s!

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