OUSFG Reviews Wiki

Experimental. Does what it says on the tin.

This very page here is the place for meta-discussion of the OUSFG Reviews Wiki.

It would make sense to keep the OUSFG Reviews Wiki focused; let's see if we can manage without categories, indices, help pages, meta, blather and the other paraphenalia of a proper wiki. Perhaps we'll be able to manage with the key pages (Front Page etc), pages for reviewers, pages for authors, and pages for works. Resist the temptation to make copious links!

If you want to give a star rating, try one of these URLs:

Yes, i have stolen these from Amazon; sue me (this is what we call 'famous last words' :) ). No, we don't have half stars.

Okay, everyone who claimed they have reviews we can use, or that they'd write reviews, now is the time to Put Up.

What's the form if someone wants to do a different review of a book already reviewed?

Just add it. The top of the page has indisputable factual information, and a hopefully neutral summary of the book which you could edit in normal Document Mode style. Reviews proper come under headings (lines starting with a '='); just add a new heading and the review.

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