Exemplars of which can occasionally be seen adorning the slightly elder (with a small 'e') statespersons of OUSFG. Last time around, the OUSFG logo consisted of a flying monkey circumscribed by the 'O' of 'OUSFG', with the remaining four letters tucked inside the 'o' like the inscription on the One Ring.

Next time? Up to you, guys. But it's about time we had some more OUSFG merchandise. Just for the fun of it. --TL

Are there copyright problems involved in T-shirtising the Steam Punk Dragon? - or would it not be printable in T-shirt format anyway? I'd love to have a Steam Punk Dragon T-shirt. Some OUSF Gish T Shirt Slogans might also be fun. --WJR

There is an old OUSFG Steam Punk Dragon T Shirt; there should be no reason why we couldn't reprint it.

There is a design based on The Matrix somewhere in the pipeline.

Some new ideas for an OUSFG Tshirt Design were recently developed.

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