OUSFG Tshirt Design

This page has been set up to summarise the thoughts & ideas collected during a discussion meeting about the history of OUSFG and a new OUSFGT Shirt design. This page is not intended for actual discussion, per se (we think OUSFG Chat may be best suited for that), but if you do have an idea, do jot it down in the relevant place.

The main idea is to have a set of icons as visual representations of popular (past & present) memes within OUSFG.

One popular idea was to produce a T-Shirt of the cover of a book of short stories that OUSFG might write, and have some author quotes regarding their visits as readings of this hypothetical book. The cover of What You Make It, by OUSFG favourite Michael Marshall Smith would serve this purpose well; it has a set of distinctive icons representing each short story within. We thought it would be a nifty idea to list the titles of these memetic stories on the back of the T-shirt. Perhaps if we made it out to be a collection by various authors, we could place an active member's name next to each title. Not sure whether this would affect sales in any way.

If the general consensus is that this isn't a very good idea, could it be sidelined to a different page rather than be overwritten? For example, WYMI Tshirt Design. I put effort into that! and I don't think it's half bad.

For those who haven't seen the cover of What You Make It : http://www.ousfg.net/~mms/wymi.png

Possible substitutions :

Perhaps more blurb from past authors on the back.

Suggestions For Memes & Icons


(sic) in a kind of techy font such as is used for the 'ousfg.net' logo on the Ousfg Dot Net homepage, to represent our temporary assimilation of the Zero Wing meme in '01? :)

Some of the more basic stuff to represent what we actually do...

Links to submitted Icons etc.

Blurb On The Back (Past Authors, etc.)

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