This is the OUSFG Wiki. OUSFG Wiki is the wiki for OUSFG. Well, really, OUSFG Wiki is a wiki run by OUSFG for themselves and friends of OUSFG. No, actually, OUSFG Wiki is a wiki run by Tom Anderson for anyone who wants to visit, really, but particularly aimed at members and friends of OUSFG.

The OUSFG Wiki is powered by Twic I software.

Although Twic I does not (yet) keep a history of page edits, the OUSFG Wiki is archived nightly, so massive destruction can be reversed if you contact Tom Anderson soon enough.

How does OUSFG Wiki fit in with Ox Clubs OUSFG and the OUSFG Chat mailing list? Maillists And Newsgroups And Wikis Oh My!

Note that OUSFG Wiki Has Google Juice.

Looking outward, there are links across cyberspace to various Neighbouring Wikis.

Warning: The OUSFG Wiki is considered 'pornographic' by some internet-censoring systems, and you may not be able to access these pages if you work for, say, the Military Industrial Complex Inc. In which case, you cannot read this warning. Natch.

Really? What are the blocking criteria?

Roughly, 'Does it have a section entirely about Japanese vibrators?'.

point taken.

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