OUSFG Wiki Has Google Juice

While googling for a definition of Sense Of Wonder, Niall Harrison discovered that <google:sensawunda> leads straight to OUSFG Wiki (well, to Sensa Wunda). Note that this is no longer the case; maybe google likes new pages, or maybe they've tuned their algorithms. Actually, we're back at number one (29/1/2003).

How did that happen?

There's a link to OUSFG Wiki from Wards Wiki. Wards Wiki is reachable by google, and pretty much any page of this (or any other) wiki is reachable from any other, so the whole thing should now be indexed.

I wasn't so much surprised by the fact that Twic I was showing up on Google as I was by the fact that it was showing up top for something. It's not like we're the world's leading authority on Sensa Wunda, after all.

According to google, we bloody well are! Actually, it's probably Google Juice flowing from Wards Wiki; i should imagine it has plenty.

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