Ox Ac Uk

ox.ac.uk is the Oxford University network domain.

That's it, really.

It is a wee bit prone to going wrong, and may perhaps be more appropriately known (from the sounds made by those trying to get at things within it) as och.ack.yuck. Really, it's Ja Net which goes wrong, or at least the interface between Ox Ac Uk and Ja Net. The word on the street is that the 26/2/2003 outage was due to Southern Electric putting a JCB scoop through an optical fibre. Apparently, Ja Net have not heard of redundancy, leaving them unable to Route Around Damage. Idiots.

I'm informed that the technical term for a JCB going through a cable is Major Network Incident/Event, or MNI? or MNE? for short. -- ARC

Still, if it should happen again, look up this address: <http://status.oucs.ox.ac.uk/>. Or this one: <http://shadow.oucs.ox.ac.uk/status/>.

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