Oxford University

No longer threatened by the potential evil gestalt of two London colleges merging, as this no longer seems to be going ahead... --TL

Still very much the place to be as far as that goes. For that matter, it's the place to be even after the pubs shut. -- TL

Newly Elected Chancellor: Chris Patten, of Balliol College, former Governor of Hong Kong. (Er, Chris Patten that is, not Balliol, although I'm sure they'd welcome the chance to add it to Jowett Walk and Holywell Manor in their Empire.) Presumably the new Chancellor's term of office will not end with the University being handed over to China.

I wouldn't bank on that.

Giving Proctors, 'Bulldogs', and the Bowler Hats of Doom to China would probably contravene more Arms Limitation treaties than GWB has already torn up though, so let's hope not- to say nothing of the consequences for the free world of SPAHWG coming under Chinese dominion...

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