Phlektorynd (FLEK-toe-rynd), noun

1. A phrase or scenario intended to be taken as a metaphor. Connotes a certain looseness, implying that the metaphor may not necessarily hold completely (or indeed at all) and that the active participation of the listener/reader may be required to tease out the point that may or may not be at the heart of it.

2. A warning that a phlektorynd has just been or is about to be employed. Implied request for indulgence, understanding and confirmatory feedback.

3. Archie adopted this term as his OUSFG Invisible Name at the AGM? of Hilary Term, 2003.

Origins : This word was invented by Archie Maskill specifically to be ugly. If it looks Germanic, well, that's German for you. The definition and word were married a few months afterwards, as an effort-saving device, and at a time when Archie found describing concepts clearly and concisely a frustrating, difficult and embarrassing experience.

Ironically, Archie can't clearly explain what phlektorynd means, and has yet to express it as a phlektorynd. Consequentially, the above definition was kindly provided by Alx Williams.

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