PS Publishing

A small-press SF and fantasy publisher. They mainly publish novella-length stories by established authors, usually as a limited run of 25 hardbacks and 10 paperbacks. Featured authors have included Stephen Baxter, Peter F Hamilton, Ken Mac Leod (whose offering 'The Human Front' won the Sidewise Award for alternate history), Geoff Ryman, Adam Roberts, Jeffrey Ford and Michael Marshall Smith. They also publish short story collections by authors such as Ian R Macleod and Lucius Shepard?, as well as a quasi-quarterly short fiction magazine called Post Scripts.

Some of the novellas have been republished in the four-in-one hardback collections:





Some of the novellas have also been republished in Ace Double?-like format. Yes, with upside-down writing and everything.

A good interview with PS head honcho Peter Crowther? can be found here:

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