Pejorative Sense

A convenient rider to clarify the sense of words subject to (usually prejudicial) misuse. For example, to describe someone as 'a motherfucker in the Pejorative Sense' confirms that the intention is abuse, not any claim as to their actual sexual preferences; while 'motherfucker in the Non Pejorative Sense' simply contends that they have a realised Oedipal complex, with no attendant judgement as to their worth as a person. Of course, accusations of motherfuckery can be thought of as having an implicit 'in the Pejorative Sense' appended, but this is not necessarily the case with certain other words, eg. 'gay' or 'Sci Fi'. Often, of course, the intention can be inferred from context, but not inevitably. It is certainly true that using such words as terms of abuse is Bad And Wrong, but at least the use of 'in the Pejorative Sense' or 'in the Non Pejorative Sense' acknowleges the distinction completely explicitly. It could be convincingly argued that this doesn't excuse the misuse of such terms, but for those who occasionally feel the need for that naughty thrill of using words that you really shouldn't use, it works better than relying on a mutual comprehension of the ironic intent of the usage. Hopefully.

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