Peter F Hamilton

A British SF writer, mainly writing large-scale Space Opera.

Several of Peter F Hamilton's books (notably the Nights Dawn Trilogy) are quite large; the term 'doorstops' has been used. According to the man himself, if the unedited editions of said books had been published, The Naked God would have been cube-shaped. However, his first three novels (the Greg Mandel Stories) were all of a reasonable size, and he's written a number of novellas as well. On the other hand, his ability to write short stories has been questioned, by himself amongst others, although he has published a collection of them, called 'A Second Chance At Eden?'. All the stories in the collection are set in the same universe as the Nights Dawn Trilogy.

His last two books have both been standalone novels: Fallen Dragon, which was good, and Misspent Youth?, which wasn't. In between, he wrote the novella Watching Trees Grow? - published by PS Publishing - which was excellent. His next project is the two-books series (Duology?) Pandoras Star?.

He fears (and has written the novel Misspent Youth? based around the idea that) in the future the Inter Net? will bring about a collapse of the whole notions of copyright and intellectual property, and so (without radical readjustments to society) make the position of full-time creators and artists an untenable one.

His favourite Doctor is Jon Pertwee.

Books rated on a Five Point Scale:

He gave a talk to OUSFG (and signed various books) sometime in 2003 [those who know, write].

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